We are specialising in the varied range of design disciplines from brand identity, visual identity, graphic design and web solution.

With our years of experience and passion for design, we continuously explore the creative design solution to enhance the quality of marketing communication.

Our approach

We believe that design is a solution-driven by research and analysis to improve communication by creating the visual language. Through closely communicate with our clients during the design process, we can clearly understand our clients' situation and the purpose. Once we have agreed on the strategic propose, we will deliver a creative solution to align with the direction agreed in advance.

What we think

"Curiosity leads me to observe my surroundings and being inspired. It makes me become a designer with eternal passion." 
Trista L., Design Director and Co-founders of T&J

"Supporting our clients to success, which is always the motivation to work closely, and also become friends." 
Jason L., Business Director and Co-founders of T&J

How we work

Our design team has provided strategic design solutions for our clients from Hong Kong to overseas, which including Banking & Finance, Property, Retail Marketing & Services, Manufacturing, Information Technology & Telecom and Overseas Assignments. We apply our sense, skills of design and observation of each detail to every stage of our design process, ensuring the result is both functional and aesthetic.